Vision for the Future of Industry 4.0

Connectivity down to the Industrial Component Level

Making Innovation Possible

We provide Industry 4.0 Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

In a world of increasing market volatility, shorter product life cycles, higher product complexity, and global supply chains, companies are seeking to become more flexible and responsive to business trends.

GMKW provides In4.0MEDTM solutions in the heavy steel industry to ease the transition to Industry 4.0. We provide value to our clients by optimizing their manufacturing via the integration of intelligent vision systems, vision guided robotics, data systems and part digitalization using advance part marking technology.
Why Choose GMKW
Unique Digitalization Technology
Our unique IP is a new generation of digital identification technology, which integrates nanomaterial, photonic and information technology.

ID4 is a optical frequency identifier (OFID) solution that is used to identify and trace industrial components. This enables a new level of connectivity between raw materials and components to the digital world.

We empower intelligent production, supply chain management, internal traceability and quality assurance to ultimately improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
Flexible and Efficient Solutions
GMKW has a unique product development capability enabled by a highly multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering teams.

Our clients are seeking agile ways to engineer their production lines, so they are ready for flexible manufacturing.

We have strong capabilities to provide flexible solutions. Our vision guided robotics team work together with traditional automation teams to enable a new paradigm in materials processing by industrial robots.
Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
Machine vision is an important part of “perception” in automated production lines. Machine vision is the use of camera systems and algorithms instead of human eyes for identification, measurement, detection and semantic understanding.

Our expertise includes vision hardware development and artificial intelligent image processing algorithms. We apply this machine perception to the production environment in controlling industrial robots to carry our complex materials processing tasks.
Our R&D Advantage
GMKW's strength comes from the combination of highly qualified multi-disciplinary scientist, engineering and management professionals. We have established a manufacturing engine in Wuxi China, product R&D in Sydney Australia and a long experience in international business development.
Our Vision
“We are committed to providing high-end technology for the transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises to Industry 4.0”
GMKW is at the forefront of adapting technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine vision to meet the markets need for smart manufacturing. We enable applications of high flexibility and resource usage optimisation.

For our heavy industry clients we realise significant cost reductions, highly customised products, and enable them to promote innovative business models.